You clicked on the About Dezo menu option, so I guess you did that to learn a bit about me.  For starters, I’m Jeff and I live in the temperamental weather state of Ohio in the good old USA.  I am a God fearing Christian and a 2nd amendment patriotic American.  I’m a small-town guy and have lived in the same town most of my life give or take 10 years and at that I moved 15 minutes away.  I am married and have a 15 year old that will be stating to drive in the summer.  What hair I have left will be gray!  I graduated in 1994 making me an 80’s kid.  I honestly couldn't think of a better time to be a kid with the awesome music and cars like the G-Body (Quite possibly the only decent car GM built, only Ford in my driveway).  My family opened the first pizza shop in 1933 in my town which is now full of pizza shops in 2023, yes, it’s still open.  I am the IT Manager at a local truck & trailer dealership, and have spent 20 years in health IT.  IT and cars are my thing and designing/developing the Dezo’s Auto Group car sites has been a great way to mix both of my hobbies.

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My cats Fred and Murdock are always around to give moral support as I design and update the auto Group sites.  The Dezo’s Auto Group sites have been 100% my creation as I have no outside help.  Group1-IT is my consulting business that I run on the side.  Send me an email if you need a site built.  I started with WordPress in 2009 maintaining my church’s website (which I still do).  I’m the kind of guy that wasn’t enough, I had to learn how  WordPress worked and before too long I could install a WordPress site from scratch and could create a basic site of my own.







I have a huge collection of PDF car brochures and thought that it sure would cool to put them all on line.  Others had done this before me but not in PDF, my goal was to post PDF brochures in a gallery format.  It wasn’t until 2016 that I found a plugin that would do that and as they say the rest is history.  Dezo’s Garage reaches 500-600 daily from around the world.  The manual and auto ad sites came later with the same concept as the brochure site. 

Now as I’ve said before, I like to learn.  I have kept a cloud server for quite a few years and have successfully put my mirror sites on my CentOS web server.  This has gone quite well and I had wanted to put my main sites on my own server as having 20K brochures isn’t always good with shared web hosting that was made for a 3 page website.  In November of last year I purchased another cloud server with Ubuntu and Plesk and successfully moved my main sites to my own server.  Hopefully you have noticed a decrease in page load times. 

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Thank You!!!

Thanks for visiting the auto group websites.  I am grateful for each of you, which is who this site has been made for.

-- Jeff