You may be asking yourself what Dezo’s Auto Group is. The good news is that its not a car dealership site full of over priced cars. The auto group covers brochures, ads, and manuals. You will find site history and links to old sites / mirror sites here. The flagship site is the brochures with over 20,000 brochures posted since 2016. The gallery site was created in 2018 to showcase cars and was changed in 2022 showcase car ads. The manual site was created in 2021, for a one stop place for manuals for all makes and years. To that end the idea behind all of the sites is to be a one stop easy to find place for car brochures, ads, and manuals.


The XR793 name goes back to 1997 when I created my first email address. I wanted to be unique as the norm is to use your name with a bunch of numbers after it. I have always liked cars and I had a 1993 Mercury Cougar XR7 (can be seen in the Dezo’s Cars gallery) at the time. I took the XR7 and the short year and the name XR793 was born. In 1998 I registered for my first domain name. Years later I would get my custom license plate that has now been on many cars that I have had over the years, 19 since I started driving in 1991.

1993 Mercury Cougar 02
2001 Ford Taurus 22

2001 Ford Taurus SES

I’ve always wanted to have an old car, like a 1985 Buick Regal, or a Thunderbird, Cougar, Probe, or some kind of G-Body. Unfortunately I’ve not had much luck at getting that kind of old car, I did however inherit a 22 year old Ford Taurus that looks like it rolled off the assembly line which is rare for North East Ohio. Being a Ford guy and all its been fun to have an older one like that.

Without apology I’m a Ford guy. My first car was a 1985 Buick Regal. This is the one car that I regret trading in. If I could go back in time. I have had more Ford’s than any other make. I did at one time buy Dodge as you can see in the Dezo’s Cars Gallery.

I started to collect brochures at the young age of 12. I’ve always enjoyed looking at them because they show the best the car has to offer and its a timeless view of what the car was. My print collection is well over 500 brochures. I started collecting digital brochures in 2001. Digital was great because you didn’t have to go to the dealership to get a brochure and be haggled by salesman. I had quite a digital collection by 2016 but no were to really show it then in 2016 I found the Word Press Document Gallery plugin and it changed everything. You can see the different versions of Dezo’s Garage the Past Versions menu.

2001 Ford Taurus 04

Now that I have totally board you with the details of how this all came to be you might only have on question left... how did I come up with the name Dezo.... That’s simple its the first 2 letters and last 2 letters of my last name. Enjoy the sites that make up Dezo’s Auto Group. Feel free to donate a brochure, manual, or ad if you have any to share.